• How long does shipping take?  We ship USPS Priority Mail because we are centrally located 2 days to most states. Orders are processed within 24hrs.
  • When is new stock added to the site? New stock from the week is added on Sundays. If you have been waiting for a particular scale for a while, drop us an email to reserve a pair or have something moved up on our build list.
  • Do you sell hardware for my knife? No, OEM screws and other hardware are custom to that knife and are not off the shelf items.
  • Why is everything right hand carry only? It's not possible for us to stock left-hand carry for every item, left-hand carry is available for most products by request.
  • Do you do custom work? No, but if we get enough request for a Knife we will consider making them.
  • Can you install scales if I send my knife? We don’t offer that service but we are happy to help and answer any questions you may have.